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We think FATdrop is the best digital promo service out there, but don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients think about the service...

I've been using FATdrop for 5/6 years now and I'm extremely happy with the system. The thing I love about it is that it's simple, fast and effective, easy to learn, easy to use and the most important thing, easy for every DJ to stay up to date on the hottest new dance music. I can't imagine working without it. I highly recommend it to every dance label. Spinnin' Records

The FATdrop system has been an essential tool over the last few years for delivering music to our extensive DJ list and ensuring we receive the feedback that is crucial in helping us build a successful promotional campaign. Simple, easy to use and safe in the knowledge that FATdrop's Anti-Piracy software will help to minimise the risk of a track being leaked pre-release, FATdrop remains one of the most effective ways for us to deliver our music to DJ's and ultimately, the dancefloors! Toolroom Records

FATdrop provides the closest thing to a perfect promo solution out there right now. The functionality of the software is very easy to learn and master; but what really sets these guys apart from the rest is their commitment to excellence. The 'customer support' (AKA Dylan) is always very helpful, and extremely quick in replying. In short, Get Physical can only HIGHLY recommend FATdrop as a solution. It's cost effective and very efficient. Get Physical

FATdrop is a great promo service and it has done us well over the years. The team are good to work with and always there to help. Skint Records

FATdrop has the best system for organizing and inputting contacts, and the best feedback reporting system I’ve encountered. It’s super user friendly and the staff are very responsive to questions. Kompakt

DJs are demanding instant and easily accessible promos... and that's exactly what FATdrop is... Upfront music, streaming straight out of your inbox! FATdrop has given us the power to reclaim our DJ promo mailing list, which we spent years generating and building upon, but which sadly became more and more obsolete because of the inefficiency and costs of posting out loads of records... Now, using FATdrop means DJs get their promos straight away and we get our feedback straight away, which is so important to us. Top drawer! Sunday Best / Bestival

FATdrop have totally revolutionised club promo - saving me money, but most importantly my valuable time. The fact that the FATdrop system is a one-stop shop - enabling dj's to listen (mp3s) and download (WAVs) directly from one server means the FATdrop system is totally unique. Simple Records

FATdrop is an integral part of Oms digital promotion; the simple and effective design of the site combined with a user friendly interface for DJs equates to a high percentage of essential feedback for our labels. Highly recommended! Om Records

I’ve yet to see a service that rivals FATdrop, and it’s become a key tool we rely on throughout the cycle of a release campaign. The interface and functionality are expertly crafted with label managers and DJs in mind, The contact management and customisation are superb, and the feedback report generator makes us appear much more organised than we really are. Highly recommended. Hemlock

FATdrop is a simple, efficient and effective promo service with a great team behind it. Highly recommended Ministry of Sound

FATdrop plays an essential role in me spreading our music across the world. It is without doubt, the one promo tool that all DJs trust, and are most comfortable using. You only have to look at the calibre of labels using it now, to know that FATdrop is the leading promo tool on the market. The tool is simple to use, has a superb in-depth feedback reporting system, and other clever little tools like watermarking and security scanning. I would be lost without it! Hypercolour

I cannot praise FATdrop highly enough! It has completely changed how we run the label from almost every perspective, giving us more time to focus our efforts on other major areas of the business. Keeping the key players up to date with our music could not be easier or faster proving FATdrop an essential tool every label should employ – it’s like having an extra member of staff...unfortunately it doesn’t make the tea - yet! Olmeto Records

I use FATdrop simply because it’s fast, works, looks great and is easy to use. Noir

Overall, I'm finding FATdrop to be fantastic for what we do with Kahua Music Promotions. It sure as hell beats sending out emails and then chasing up reactions, particularly when working on a few campaigns at the same time. Now everything is much easier to manage and I can pull off reports for any of the labels we work with quickly and easily. So, all in all, its excellent. Kahua Music Promotions/Lost My Dog Records

We recently started using FATdrop for album servicing, and have found it straightforward, clean, and user-friendly. The reporting features are immensely helpful and have assisted us in ensuring our releases are being delivered to the right people each time. And whenever we've had a query or an issue, a FATdrop staffer has responded almost immediately. Highly recommended! Modular Records

FATdrop is quite simply the best promo delivery system we know of. We've investigated all avenues and found cheaper companies offering a similar service; but never better companies and certainly not a better service. FATdrop's commitment to customer care, security and continual updates of their system is exemplary. Infectious PR

FATdrop is invaluable to me. As a DJ I've always loved it, literally from the moment I first saw it (love at first sight!). Its clean, crisp and easy to use… and you know its good when there are copycat platforms appearing, but none ever come near to FATdrop in my opinion. I also like dealing with FATdrop when I have a suggestion, as the guys listen and speak to me about suggested updates, so its great when you feel you are helping with developing the system even further to make your job even better. Using my DJ experience, I knew that when I started SMP3, I wanted to use FATdrop. When I looked into it properly, and saw everything you could do with sending campaigns, monitoring how everything is going and the ease of making tailored reports at the drop of the hat, I knew it was for me. SMP3 Promotion

Comments from DJs:

I get so many promos but I often go straight to my FATdrop because of the sheer convenience of the whole system. Ultramajic will be utilizing FATdrop and we are proud to be a part. Jimmy Edgar - Ultramajic, Hotflush, Warp

Most of the MP3 promos I receive have such a long-winded, convoluted system I'd almost rather they sent me vinyl again and a 'fax-back' reaction sheet. Your system's easy, quick and useful. Neil Raygun - Phantom Beats

This System is absolutely nice & easy! You can listen to it first and if you like it you just download it! Don't need to be Dr. Internet or write a long story on comments. It's all about the music. Very Clever! Looks like DJ's made this for DJ's !! Thank you for all the good music!! Keep on rockin! Tom Novy - Resident DJ at Space Ibiza

You know I get so many digital promos these days and its so often a nightmare to access/listen to the files... I'm really happy when I get some promos through some easy services like yours. Fabrice Lig a.k.a. Soul Designer - F-Com, Playhouse, Kanzleramt, Raygun, Starbaby

I really like they easy and fab service you guys provide and recommended to labels and promotion companies. Kamisshake - Space Ibiza, Fiction, The Cross, XXL, The Arches & DTPM, Fabric

Excellent service FATdrop by the way - some download links / promo services are annoyingly awkward. FATdrop is cool cos it's easy and you react right away so you don't forget. Dave Mothersole - Cosmic House Show, Ministry of Sound

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