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Anti-Spam Policy

The sending of unsolicited bulk email (or SPAM) is strictly prohibited on the FATdrop system. Users of FATdrop are only permitted to use the system to send opt-in marketing. That means that all addresses on a mailing list must either be recent customers (or have had dealings recently) with the company sending the emails, or have accepted one of our opt-in invitations.

Understanding and acceptance of our anti-Spam policy forms part of the terms of use and back-end software alerts us to users that may be abusing the system based on a number of criteria and we investigate these manually. We also log the origin of each email address held, date and time of upload, etc. Recipient complaints WILL be followed up to preserve the integrity of our service and our customers. Your account will be terminated if we find that you are abusing FATdrop.

Initiatives to combat Spam industry-wide have our full support, and we will share information about spammers with industry partners to help address the problem.

FATdrop includes several features to allow you to build your own legitimate mailing lists by way of opt-in invitations. If you need any help on doing this, we are pleased to supply it.

Think you've been sent Spam?

You can unsubscribe from a FATdrop mailing list by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any FATdrop email. However, if you are not happy and you think someone has used FATdrop to send you SPAM, please report it to us and we will investigate it.