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FATdrop is a platform for promoting pre-release music. It was founded in Brighton, UK in 2007, and has an office in Berlin, Germany. FATdrop is used by record labels, PR agencies and other music industry professionals to send branded, watermarked promos to their mailing lists of DJs, journalists, and tastemakers.

Many established labels have been using FATdrop successfully for a number of years. Features of the platform include individual templates, advanced distribution list management, a wide range of options for recipient feedback, statistics, watermarking, piracy scanning and YouTube video creation.


FATdrop 5.0

FATdrop, industry leader in pre-release music promotion, presents a new and innovative platform called FATdrop 5.0. The platform allows record labels and PR companies to share information about upcoming releases with influential professionals and music fans.

In an age of information overload, discovering new music has become increasingly challenging. FATdrop 5.0 initiates a conversation between record labels and music lovers, by letting labels share information about music they plan to release. Users can follow their favourite labels and find out about upcoming releases via Cues--packets of information including text, artwork and snippets of tracks.

In this way, the platform also helps labels build hype around a release, putting their music in front of a highly targeted audience. FATdrop 5.0 allows labels and PR companies to gauge interest in their releases like never before, and adapt dynamically to optimise promotional campaigns.

FATdrop 5.0 also features an advanced label recommendation engine, which makes suggestions to users based on their music preferences and activity within the platform. With FATdrop 5.0, music lovers discover music that’s relevant to them, and labels are served a ready-made captive audience.

"FATdrop has always been an advocate of the record label, and FATdrop 5.0 puts labels back at the centre, reestablishing them as the tastemakers they once were." says founder Alex Stacey. "We're really excited to launch this new platform, which I believe has the potential to revolutionise the way people promote and discover music."

FATdrop 5.0, full public launch scheduled for summer 2014.

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