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Screenshot of mailing list management control

Mailing list management

Manage your contacts and create custom email groups for ease of delivery. Additionally tag contacts to allow for further fine-tuned mailouts and with dynamic tags that update automatically, we help keep your mailing lists organised and up to date. Your contacts can also update their own details from the FATdrop dashboard, so if a contact changes email addresses, your promos will automatically be sent to the new email address without you having to change anything.

Schedule Sends

Schedule sends or resends to go out at a certain date and time. You can even schedule campaigns to go to a different combination of lists and/or tags at different times for even more control over your mailouts.

Send in a number of ways

Send directly to your mailing list through FATdrop, or alternatively create private or public links for sending through your own email client or messenger whilst retaining the benefit of FATdrop's security, reporting and analysis systems. Optionally, require an email address in order for recipients to download your promo, allowing you to collect contact details to be added to your database for future use.

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