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How does your pricing work and how much does the FATdrop service cost?

The monthly subscription service to send out promos with FATdrop costs £35 per month. This standard rate price plan includes 5GB of bandwidth and 10GB of storage for your files on our dedicated servers. For larger or busier companies with extensive mailing lists we offer a number of alternative price plans; full information about these can be found on our pricing page.

Bandwidth is used up when people stream and download your music and other files. Bandwidth is not used for downloads that do not complete. This means that if a recipient cancels a download part-way through, it will not be counted in your bandwidth usage. Furthermore, if a recipient streams or downloads the same promo multiple times in the same month, it will only be counted once in your bandwidth usage.

Extra bandwidth charges apply if you exceed your monthly 5GB inclusive allowance. You can easily monitor your bandwidth usage in real time from within your account. For more info and alternative price plans visit the sign up page.