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How do I download tracks from a promo?

All FATdrop promos are delivered to you via email. When you get the email, simply click the link to access the promos. Once you've listened to the tracks, you may be required to leave feedback for downloads (if downloads are available for that particular campaign). To leave feedback you'll need to complete any (or all) of the following:

* Name (Personal details)

* Star Rating

* Favourite Track (Click the heart symbols in the playlist)

* Comments

If the required feedback has been completed correctly, you will be able to click the 'Submit' button. Upon doing this, you'll see a message which reads 'Thank you for your feedback'. The download icons in the tracklist will turn green and you'll be able to download the tracks.

If you see a red 'Stop' icon and a green highlight when you hover over the 'Submit' button, FATdrop is indicating that you've missed out a required feedback field. You'll need to complete the field indicated by the green highlight before being able to download.