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How do I download promos to my Dropbox account?

Managing download locations and adding Dropbox accounts to your FATdrop profile is done from the Download Options menu. This can be accessed on any promo by clicking on the gear icon above the promo tracklist.

Select from the dropdown menu “+ New Dropbox Account” to add a new account. After verifying linking Dropbox with FATdrop from the dropdown menu you will be able to select your Dropbox account as prefered download location. Promos will now sync directly with your Dropbox account rather than downloading directly to your computer.

You can link multiple Dropbox accounts to your FATdrop profile. Unlinking Dropbox accounts can be done by logging in to your Recipient Dashboard and selecting “My Profile” from the dropdown menu in the top right of the page. In the Download Location box on the right you can select your default download location as well as removing any Dropbox accounts you no longer wish to be linked.