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How can I review the security of my account?

Every time your FATdrop account is accessed on a new device you will receive a security notification in the form of an email detailing the OS, browser, IP address, location, time and date of the login. Accessing your FATdrop account could be logging into your recipient dashboard (using either email or any connected social media accounts), or it could simply be by opening a promo intended for you. If your account is accessed on a known device but using a different browser for the first time, you will also receive a security notification.

Please note that the location displayed is based on the IP address of the log-in and is therefore only approximate (and not guaranteed to be correct 100% of the time).

Once in your dashboard, if you scroll down to the very bottom of the screen you will see a ‘view recent logins’ link. If you click this then a popup will appear showing all logins from the last 30 days. Any entry which is displayed in white is a device which currently has access, meaning your account is either still logged in on that device or it could be logged into without triggering a security notification. Any greyed-out entry is a device which no longer has access, meaning you will receive a security notification the next time your account is logged into on it.

If there are currently multiple devices with access, then a ‘Logout of other sessions’ button will appear. If you click this, then any other device which is still logged into your account will be force logged out, and the list of devices with access is reset to just the one you are currently using.

If there is any suspicious activity then you should force logout all other sessions and consider changing the password of your email address. If you have any social media accounts linked to your FATdrop profile then you should consider changing the passwords of those too.