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Screenshot of promo creation control

Promos that reviewers and DJs love to use

Customise with a few clicks to generate branded templates which reflect your company profile and display perfectly in all email clients and web browsers. See one in action.

Streams, downloads, misc files & ZIPs

Create tailored promos that meet the requirements of your audiences including streaming only and downloadable files. Include artwork, biogs, press packs and choose whether to make your downloads available as a ZIP file.

Simple file management

Easy-to-use tools for tagging, re-encoding and detecting (and fixing) problems in your audio make managing your files simple. Smart presets mean everything is taken care of for you, or you can override these presets for total control. Easily re-encode audio to your required bitrate, edit your ID3 tags and create custom release folders to group your files, all within your account.

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You can grab a PDF containing all this info here.